About Us

Since the beginning, Babita has always felt inclined to take the path of spirituality.

With her qualities of empathizing, helping and being non-judgemental along with being a good listener,Babita has counselled various individuals and helped them battle with their worst inner most fears.

To get a better understanding about Counselling and Reiki, Babita shares her views in her own words:

“Counselling—Every human being be it man,woman or child, has dealt with pain in some form of the other.Be it betrayal, humiliation, despair or lonliness, we all have felt this at some point of time.The only diiference being, that those who visit a counsellor acknowledge their feelings and seek help and advice, while the others ignore their’s and choose to suffer in mental agony not realizing that it can manifest into physical health issues as counselling still carries a stigma in our Indian society.

Reiki—is not only a technique for physical healing but for mental and spritual growth as well. By opening our minds to Reiki, we are more capable of seeing the synchronicity in our lives and let the energy of life flow.Reiki energy is the intention to align yourself and to surrender yourself to it.”

Babita believes in spiritual healing and is a certified Reiki Master and Practioner.

Along with Reiki and Counselling, Babita offers others intriguing services such the mystic Tarot Card Reading and relaxing and calming Aromatherapy sessions.

Confidentialy is her integrity.